Images and Their Stories

Last of the Whaling Ships


          These two whaling ships were docked in Northern Iceland. Whaling, specifically for Minke whales, has been a part of Icelandic culture for ages. That’s all over as the last whaling ship has been mothballed.

A Dirty Little Secret


I hate to say this out loud, but you don’t need to travel the world to take intimate portraits of wildlife. Let me explain… Its’ a beautiful autumn day in the Carolinas and I’ve been sitting at my desk, doing important desk stuff for the last few hours. My brain is getting fried and I’ve had enough of sitting and being inside. Just up the road is a historic home with 100’s of acres of trees, meadows and ponds. Hiking boots go on, I grabbed a camera body and my 150-600mm lens and went for a walk, or, as I call it, a “forest bath”. I saw this little fella hopping about and scrunched down to photograph him (her?). An excellent way to spend 2 hours. Sometimes a forest bath is all I need. Go try it.

Cranes of Reykjavík


My dad always said “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans”. That was so true this morning. Let me explain… I’m a morning person, married to a non-morning person. We’re in Reykjavík and I got all my gear ready to sneak out and take sunrise photos. The sunrise was kinda meh…Looking around, I saw cranes everywhere… What you might not know, is photographers love a project, so, on the spot I made one up. Cranes of the Old Harbour…All of these images were captured on the same morning in the Old Harbour section of Reykjavík.

You Never Forget Your First…. Eurasian Brown Bear


Weighing in towards 750 pounds, this was my first Eurasian Brown Bear. About 7 ft tall, she was getting ready to hibernate for the next few months. The largest animal and predator in the Tigra forest, these bears just lumber along, ignoring every other animal, unless she comes across a pack of wolves. They have enough respect for the pack, that the bears will had back into the forest to avoid the wolves. Having one or two cubs, she will mother them for the first two years, avoiding any male bears, before sending them out on their own.

Pied Crows


Native to Sub-Saharan Africa, these birds are found all across Northern Europe. About 16” tall, these chatty birds, are attracted to sparkly, shiny things. Aren’t we all.

I really liked the original image, and something just didn’t sit right with me. De-Saturating it (getting rid of the colors) really highlighted the composition, transforming this into a much stronger image.

Dang Raven….


The DMZ zone, between Russia & Finland has probably more Ravens per square KM than any other place on the Earth. Or, at least it sure seems it.

The birds serve a vital role in the eco-system, notifying all the other forest dwellers when there is food about. On the negative side, out of my 15,000 images taken during the week, dang Ravens flew into and ruined at least 1/3rd of my images. In the hides, whispers are the way to talk…and I sure whispered “Dang Raven” an awful lot….

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